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Portal Orb (Orb)

ORB is the in-game currency - rewarded to players playing the game.
The supply of ORB is unlimited, however ORB is carefully balanced to ensure it steadily rewards active players for playing, progressing, and interacting with the game.
ORB will be completely off-chain and in-game only.
How to earn ORB rewards - Hero:
  • Battle, Capture, and Level up Porbles
  • Hero Level Up
  • Completing Maps and Wilderness regions
  • Defeating Baddies
  • Completing Quests
  • Completing Special Events
How to earn ORB rewards - Architect:
  • Rewarded when Heroes visit Architect Player's map
  • Hero captures Porbles on Architect Maps
In-game ways to use ORB include:
  • Hero Leveling
  • Porble Leveling
  • Porble Capture (Capture Scrolls)
  • Purchasing Hero items
  • Purchasing Porble items
  • Purchasing Architect items
  • Create Architect Maps
  • Unlock new tilesets for Architect's Creator's Compass