Enchantera Shop

As you enter, expect all of your senses to be struck: fabrics of all colours and textures twine around the furnishings of the barnhouse, while the sickly sweet smell of sugary perfume blends with the starch from freshly pressed cloth. No matter what time of day it is, you will always be able to hear some sort of music, whether it’s a woman singing or, very rarely, a slow, melancholy tune on a lyre. This is Enchantera Shop. The business gets its name from the founders, Elazkiel and Arriana Enchantera, a husband and wife duo who made a name for themselves within the cosmetic industry not just due to their outstanding product quality but also due to their innovative use of the Portals discovered by Atlantes. After decades of trial and error, the Enchantera duo finally succeeded in using the phenomenon of Portals to allow their shop to exist in two realms at once…

You can buy cosmetic items in the Enchantera Shop, to add to your unique style.

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