Greetings Wanderer!

Get ready for an epic adventure in Portal Fantasy, a creature capturing RPG with a story so good, you'll be hooked from the moment you start playing! Join a cast of daring Heroes and creative Architects on a journey filled with endless questing opportunities.

Make new friends and team up with companion Porbles as you explore the different worlds as a Hero. And if you're feeling creative, design your own worlds for other players to experience as an Architect.

Portal Fantasy brings a fresh take on the classic genre by combining two exciting roles and innovative game mechanics. So gear up, choose your path, and let's go on an adventure like no other!

It has been 1000 years since the War of the Goddesses - Ravenna is dead, and the Pyli Kingdom has become prosperous once again. Or so it seems. As a novice at the prestigious Porble Academy, life takes an unexpected twist when you arrive late in Valeria, the capital.

Assigned trivial tasks by an unassuming assistant, little do you know that this journey will take you into something more sinister. Mysterious organizations, corrupted Porbles, and an ancient adversary await. Across Pyli Kingdom's diverse realms, you'll uncover a darker history than legends tell.

Get ready for an epic adventure. Each step peels away deeper mysteries, each revelation inches you closer to the truth. The burning question: will you survive the lurking secrets?

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