Porble Elements:

Porbles are of Elemental Types, with each element being strong against one and weak against another. Initially, Porbles can only cast spells from their native element. However, through powerful Porble Fusion augmentations, they can be made to learn and wield spells from other elements, increasing their versatility and strength in various situations. The Porble Element types are as follows:

Porble Personalities:

Porbles have distinct personalities that influence their growth and development. These personalities dictate which stats are more likely to improve when a Porble levels up. Additionally, a Porble's personality determines the type of Augmentation Slots it can have, as different augmentation types require specific slots. This means that understanding and leveraging a Porble's personality is key to maximizing its potential and effectiveness in various roles.

Any Porble can be any personality and that cannot be changed.

  • Balanced

  • Combative

  • Shy

  • Intuitive

  • Fortuitous

  • Primitive

  • Whitty

  • Compassionate

  • Patient


  • Constitution: affects the Porbles HP

  • Vigor: affects the Porbles Normal Attack power

  • Tenacity: affects the Porbles Normal Defense power

  • Spirit: affects the Porbles Special Attack power

  • Fortitude: affects the Porbles Special Defense power

  • Dexterity: affects the Porbles Attack Speed

Porble Majesty:

Porbles also possess Majesty Levels. While most wild Porbles have a base Majesty level, human-invented Fusion processes can increase a Porble's Majesty. Higher Majesty levels not only make Porbles stronger but also allow for more Augmentation Slots, enabling further specialization and enhancement of their abilities. Mastering the art of increasing a Porble's Majesty is essential for handlers looking to maximize the potential of their Porbles.

Porble Rarity:

Porbles are also categorized by rarity, indicating how frequently certain Porbles can be encountered. Rarer Porbles have a higher total pool of base stats, making them more powerful. However, the rarer a Porble is, the longer it takes to wake up after falling in battle, and the Fusion process also takes more time. Understanding and managing the rarity of your Porbles is crucial for strategic planning and maximizing their effectiveness. Porbles can have the following rarities

  • Common

  • Uncommon

  • Rare

  • Legendary

Porble Levels:

Porbles level up by gaining experience through battles. After each battle, they receive experience points and will level up if they have accumulated enough. When Porbles level up, their stats increase, primarily influenced by their personalities and also dictated by their hidden inner talents. These Innate Talents are not easily discernible and require careful observation to identify. By understanding a Porble's Innate Talents, handlers can better pick how to specialize and enhance their Porbles' abilities.

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