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"During the War of the Goddesses, Ravenna first created a Portal to Earth, and installed some of her followers there to corrupt the planet. Some talented Holy Magi, with an affinity for alchemy, were sent to Earth to defeat those loyal to Ravenna during the War of the Goddesses - after the conflict, they reshaped damaged terrains and settled on Earth, their powers being passed on over generations to a select few individuals. Thus, the 'Architect' was born, to ensure peace between the realms."


As an Architect, you will create content for Heroes to explore. Architects use the Creator's Compass, an easy to use in-game map editor to create unique maps with our tilesets.
The Architect leans towards a passive playstyle - create new maps for Heroes to explore. Reach to higher levels and collect new tilesets to build bigger and better maps for Heroes. Eventually, you will be able to make puzzles, quests, custom dialogues, and even designing your own tiles just like the the Portal Fantasy team!
Architects are rewarded with Orb whenever Heroes spend Essence to explore their maps, when Heroes capture Porbles on their maps and when Heroes trade these Porbles on the marketplace.