Porble Location

Aside from the tamed Porbles you might see while walking around Valeria, you will encounter Porbles in the wild, mostly in tangles and gardens, as they are reclusive creatures. Wild Porbles hiding in the bushes are more likely to attack, as they do not appreciate the company of captured Porbles you carry in scrolls.

Occasionally, a Porble will emerge from the shrubbery and make its presence known. These Porbles are usually in need and are reaching out for assistance. To communicate with them, you must have a Porble of the same type on you when encountering them.

Porbles can also be found in Architect maps, special encounters, and special events.

Gardens and Tangles:

When the Portals first started operating, they gradually began to alter the surrounding vegetation. Bushy areas appeared, and in those areas, the creatures we now know as Porbles began to dwell. Some of these areas are wild and unkempt, commonly referred to as Tangles, and are usually home to more common Porbles. Occasionally, however, the Portal magic creates bushy areas that resemble well-maintained and beautiful gardens. These Gardens are more likely to be chosen as homes by stronger and rarer Porbles.

Encountering a Porble in a specific patch of bushy area will cause other Porbles to avoid that area. If you encounter more than one Porble in the same area, it will become void of Porbles for a while. Typically, Porbles will return to the area after a few hours. You can see a sign above that represents the likelihood of wild porble encounter in that spot

  • Red - high % of a wild porble encounter

  • Yellow - average %

  • Green - area clear (no more encounters)

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