City of Valeria

Valeria, the magnificent capital of the Pyli Kingdom, is dominated by the spires of its majestic castle, the seat of the kingdom's power. The city's wealth and influence are unmistakable, radiating from every corner. Beyond the castle, Valeria boasts some of the most exquisite shops in the entire kingdom. Here, visitors can purchase rare magical potions, spell tomes, mystical ingredients, and heroic fashion accessories woven by tailors unmatched across all five worlds of the kingdom.

Beyond its majestic shops and grandeur, Valeria is home to the prestigious Porble Academy. Many young people dream of becoming certified Porble Handlers, trainers who can control the mystical creatures known as Porbles that appeared with the portals. These Porbles possess the unique ability to cast spells in mere seconds, something that would take ordinary humans weeks to do.

Other attractions in Valeria include the grand statue of Atlantes and Yelenna, and the portal to the Tower of Trials. The Dragon Cove Tavern is a popular gathering spot where adventurers flock to undertake quests that promise fame and glory. Valeria is also home to the mysterious ancient Magic Academy, where Atlantes and Yelenna were once students, though its exact location remains unknown. Additionally, whispers of a Thieves' Guild have spread throughout the Pyli Kingdom, adding an element of intrigue to the city.

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