Hero's Looks

First and foremost, create a heroic look that will suit the future savior of the Pyli Kingdom.


  • Skin Tone: Choose your skin tone, from fair to deep, to best represent your hero.

  • Eyes: Select eye color and shape, ranging from striking blue to deep brown or even mystical green.

  • Hair Style and Color: Pick your hairstyle—short and practical, long and flowing, or somewhere in between. Choose a hair color that fits your character's personality, be it natural shades like black, brown, blonde, or more fantastical hues like silver or violet (erm, eventually!).

  • Mouth Shape: Select the shape of your mouth, whether it’s a determined set of lips, a friendly smile, or a thoughtful expression.


  • Body: When not adorned in the fancy outfits you’ll surely acquire in Valeria, your hero gets to wear a practical yet stylish ensemble of your choosing!

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