The Dragon Cove Tavern

When Rudder first came to the city upon his retirement from his life as a mercenary, no one dared oppose his request to set up an armoury - they were afraid that if the man did not receive what he wanted by negotiation, he would take it by force. But very soon it became clear that Rudder was not like the other mercenaries who had visited the city in the past, hungry for money and for blood. Despite being a skilled ironmonger, Rudder has a heart of gold, and is so sensitive to other living creatures that as well as never eating meat, he also refuses to use animal products unless sustainably harvested. Evidently, during his time as a mercenary, Rudder did not have the luxury of being able to choose his diet, yet as soon as he retired, he vowed that he would never again willingly contribute to the death of a living being by eating animals - although he still uses beasts’ skins, teeth and blood for his work, he tries to source these from animals which have already died. ...

Heroes can receive quests and information from Rudder.

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