With the prologue players can take their first steps in the world of Portal Fantasy. Their adventure will start as they head to the Porble Academy and will stop after their collect their first sigil.

But that is just the main quest line. You can still find many side quests and you can explore the Tower of Trials to obtain seasonal cosmetics and a seasonal pet that will not be obtainable after the end of the Prologue on June 13th.

Tower of Trials

After obtaining your first Porble you can enter the tower.

But beware you will have to face 7 floors filled with traps, and baddies.

If you manage to survive it all you will reach the treasure room on the 8th floor.

There you can find the recipe for a jewelled egg and some ingredients to craft it.

When you hatch them in Chapter 1 (might not be immediately on day 1) they can have different tiers, so you can increase your odds of getting the rare ones by crafting more eggs.

Each Chapter also features up to three different and unique outfit/cosmetic sets that drop as rare rewards at the end of Tower Runs. These outfits are exclusive to the Chapter in which they appear and will never be available again. Participate today or forever lose the chance to look like that other player you saw showing off around town!

Both the cosmetic and the pet will be mintable in Chapter 01 after the Prologue ends on the 13th of June.

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