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"Throughout the Pyli Kingdom, magical creatures roam, existing in perfect harmony with nature and the humans who inhabit it. These creatures are called Porbles, and many think that they are the creations of the gods themselves. Yet, the Kingdom is experiencing something never seen before: violent Porbles, which are attacking and ravaging villages in the Wilderness. It is up to you, the Hero, to capture your own Porbles and fight their rogue counterparts, in order to restore peace to the realm."


Porbles are the creatures that inhabit the Portal Fantasy universe. They range from small critters scurrying amongst the woodland, to elegant creatures soaring above the mountain-tops, to ferocious beasts inhabiting harsh fire-torn lands.
Porbles can be caught, battled, and trained by Heroes.
Each synced Porble is a unique collectible that you own and can be freely traded and transferred across wallets.
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