When you encounter a wild Porble in a garden or tangle and have Porble scrolls on you, a battle is likely to ensue. While wild Porbles don't mind humans, they are very aggressive towards their tamed counterparts. This provides an excellent opportunity for Porble Handlers to hone their skills. During these encounters, you'll decide when and which magical spells, known as Special Attacks, to use. Additionally, you can rotate your Porble team, as Porbles only engage in one-on-one battles, never ganging up on another Porble.

The Porble team to remain standing (hasn’t lost all of their Porble’s HP) is the victor.

Special Attacks:

Porbles have Special Attacks that cost momentum to cast. These attacks can be defensive, offensive, or have other effects. Each Special Attack is associated with a specific element, which influences its effectiveness against certain enemies. Understanding and utilizing these elemental affinities is crucial for maximizing the power of your Porble's attacks.

Passive Abilities

In battle, each Porble breed possesses a unique Passive ability that influences the fight. These abilities can affect the battle whether the Porble is actively fighting or merely observing from the sidelines. Mastering the strategic use of these Passive Skills can provide a significant advantage in various combat scenarios.

Examples of support passives include:

  • Increase in the number of attacks possible

  • Poison damage

  • Debuffs to the opponent

  • Etc

Optimizing Porbles in a team for support bonuses can produce very powerful teams.


Porbles gain momentum through attacking and defending in battle. This accumulated momentum can then be used to cast Special Attacks, provided they have reached the required momentum amount. Managing and building momentum effectively is key to unleashing powerful Special Attacks at crucial moments in the fight.

Reckless Mode

If a Porble's momentum reaches full capacity, they enter a state known as Reckless Mode. While reckless, their basic attacks deal critical damage, but they cannot cast Special Attacks until they exit Reckless Mode. Balancing momentum to avoid or strategically use Reckless Mode can significantly impact the outcome of a battle.


The Porbles in battle have the option to rotate. This allows you to switch the switch the Porble for the best strategy. You will need to press R and then F or G to choose which porble you want to rotate into battle.

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