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Trigger a battle

Porble Battles can be triggered in different ways in the PvE Campaign.
  • By running into a Baddie. Most Baddies are visible on screen and will start a battle when you talk to them. Just like you, Baddies can have multiple Porbles.
  • Rogue Porble encounters. If you walk around grass or vegetation, you may get attacked by a rogue Porble. These Porbles travel alone and are not visible before they attack.

Passive Abilities

You can enter a Porble battle with a team of up to 3 Companion Porbles. When a Porble Battle begins, your Porbles will be sent out in order. Only one Porble can attack at a time. The choice of Porbles is a major attribute as the they affects how the Passive Abilities work.
Examples of support passives include:
  • Double-attacks every 5 attack
  • Lightning-energized attacks
  • Poison damage
  • Starting shield
Optimizing Porbles in a team for support bonuses can produce very powerful teams. You can also optimize for an all damage, heavy hitter team.

Special Attacks

Porbles can have up to 3 Special Attacks that triggers once their Momentum Meter is charged, the effect of which will be influenced by their Spirit stat. Those can result in both Buffs and Debuffs called Status Effects.

Momentum Meter

When a Porble's Momentum Meter is full, they go into Reckless mode, dealing more critical attacks but are more vulnerable to enemy Special Attacks.


The Porbles in battle have the option to rotate. This allows you to switch the switch the Porble for the best strategy.

Battle Belt

The Hero or an Enemy Trainer may also use up to 6 Items per fight. Battle Belt items include Healing Potions, Elemental Bombs, Flee Bombs and Capture Scrolls.
Utilizing this system, the Vigor stat influence the basic attack and Dexterity would determine the rate at which they attack at, and Tenacity or Fortitude would determine their resistance to the respective damage.

Element Advantage

All Porbles and abilities are assigned element types. Each element has several strengths and weaknesses. In battle, use Porbles and Special Attacks that have an elemental advantage over your opponent; doing so will cause much more damage.
Water > Fire > Gaia > Thunder> Water
Dark > Light > Dark
*Light and Dark Porbles possess no element advantage over each other


Who's the biggest and baddest of them all?
Baddies are mysterious enemies that the Hero encounters in the Wilderness.
Most Baddies are visible on screen and will start a battle when you talk to them. Just like you, Baddies can have multiple Porbles. You will be rewarded with ORB and sometimes special cosmetic loot when a Baddie is defeated.