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Portal Fantasy Trinket (PFT)

PFT is capped at a fixed supply of 1 billion (1,000,000,000) PFT.
You can play the whole game without PFT, but you'll need PFT to get the best experience.
It has two main uses and it's circulation and emissions are carefully designed to encourage long-term players and not speculators.

Membership Access

You can use PFT to join The Magi's Circle, a membership club. This will enable you to receive unique and additional rewards that enhance your experience whilst playing the Portal Fantasy game.


PFT is used to purchase cosmetics for Heroes and Architects and will also be used to upgrade the Hall of Triumph for characters, as well as being used for in-game features such as Porble Fusion.
For Architects, PFT will be used to purchase special one-off map tiles, to increase the Architects’ canvases beyond a certain point and to buy cosmetic tiles (buildings, trees, objects etc.).