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Kasei (Team Lead)
Kasei is the team lead at Portal Fantasy. He is a full-stack developer with 12 years of experience founding and building products. Previously, he founded a cryptocurrency algo-trading firm, running strategies across all major CeFi and DeFi exchanges. Much like his day job, he's obsessed with grinding and optimizing ARPG games and currently spends any free time slowly sliding down the TeamFight Tactics ladder.
Milia (Marketing & Operations Lead)
Milia is responsible for business operations, marketing, and creative lead at Portal Fantasy. She has spent the last 7 years leading large-scale marketing operations and previously ran her own digital advertising agency with clients from Fortune 500 MNCs. Her current obsession is replaying Guild Wars 2 to unlock map completion on her Raptor, Jimothy the Noglet.
Mdubz (Game Development Lead)
Mdubz is a full-stack game developer and is responsible for front and backend development. Mdubz designed, balanced and fully developed the first browser-based real-time pixel MMORPG on Facebook. He has developed/published games on consoles, browsers (flash) and mobile devices (Unity). He’s also worked on game design and development with Disney, Nintendo and others.
Vylk (Game Design Lead)
Vylk is responsible for the game mechanics & design. He has more than 14 years of stumbling his way through the game industry under his belt and has worked on titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Tropico and even a Fallout game. Hobbies include spending way too much on cutting edge hardware just to play games from the 90s, enraging pedestrians and car drivers alike with reckless cycling and enraging cyclists by driving by way too close when in his car - all in all, an all-around nice guy.
FatFrog (Art Lead)
FatFrog is the Art Director at Portal Fantasy. He has 10 years of experience in the games industry and 5 years as a creative director for pixel games. FatFrog grew up with Atari, NES, and Arcades which lead to a severe case of pixel brain where he breathes and dreams in pixels. He loves a wide range of genres but if he had to pick one indie game masterpiece, it would be Hotline Miami. In real life his hobbies include skateboarding, football and Muay Thai and going to punk, metal, and rap concerts.
Kompira (Backend Development)
Kompira is the lead backend for Portal Fantasy. He has 16 years as developer and is extremely passionate about system scalability and availability, with a keen interest in distributed systems and large scale apps. He loves nerding out over new technologies and strives to make an impact by delivering the best player experiences.
When he’s not changing the world using 0 and 1s or opening an Annie food bank in mid lane, Kompira rides his motorcycle, travels the world and works out, cause he’ll be living a 100 years more.
Yaku (Game Design)
Yaku is a game designer with 6 years of experience working across multiple genres and platforms. Excel sheets are his forte, and he enjoys automating the whole document with complex formulas. When not immersed in sheets, Yaku enjoys playing single player games, mostly JRPGs. His newest hobby is Dungeons and Dragons and is on the way to buying all the rule books and running his own campaigns.
IckTwo (Game Design)
IckTwo is the level designer at Portal Fantasy, which means he's responsible for making sure that players have an awesome time solving quests and capturing Porbles. He previously co-founded an indie game studio that won awards and secured funding. When he's not working, you can find IckTwo playing CS:GO with his nose practically touching the screen, probably because he thinks that's how you aim better. He's also been known to tinker with his motorcycle and spending money on computer parts. He loves a wide variety of games and genres, but his recent favourite definitely must be Disco Elysium!