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Special Events

Special Quests

Heroes can receive special quests from job boards or from NPCs in the City of Valeria and in The Wilderness.

Special Maps

There will be special maps and quests that include rare Porbles, items, rewards, or Baddies that can only be unlocked with ORB.

Live Ops

We will host rotating events that will require player’s to own specific Porbles in order to complete them and earn the rewards.

Hero Minis

Minis are small replicas of animals, Porbles, and collectibles in Portal Fantasy.
They are not capable of attacking or interacting with other game elements. Minis are used to reward players’ achievements or dedication to the game.
Minis are summoned by selecting the miniature icon in your Hero inventory. If players summon another mini, the previously summoned mini is automatically dismissed and returned to your inventory.