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Porble Fusion

Porble Fusion is the only way for you to increase the Innate Talent (IT) of a synced Porble.
You can fuse Porbles selecting a Prime Porble that you want to increase the IT of and choose Assist Porbles to fuse into the Prime Porble. This will increase the the Prime Porble's Fusion Points which are used to increase the IT. Used Assist Porbles are burned and this action cannot be reversed.

Fusion Points (FP)

When your Assist Porble is fused with the Prime Porble, the Assist Porble(s) will contribute FP towards increasing the IT of the Prime Porble. The amount of FP that the Assist Porble gives is affected by its Rarity and the sum of IT stats.
Similarly, the amount of FP necessary to increase the IT of the Prime Porble will vary depending on the rarity of the Prime Porble. When the Prime Porble gains enough Fusion Points, the IT of the stat will increase by 1 and that is called Innate Talent Breakthrough.