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You can buy Hero and Architect items from the Black Cat Magic Shop.

Capture Scrolls

Capture Scrolls are used to capture Porbles when they enter a “Capturable State''. Some Porbles will require higher-level Capture Scrolls.

Porble Potions

Porble Potions are used during combat to restore a player's Porbles Health points. The amount restored is dependent on the quality (level) of the Potion used.
  • Tasty Potion - Restore 50 HP to one Porble. Lightly carbonated.
  • Gourmet Potion - Restore 100 HP to one Porble. Comes in strawberry or banana flavor.

Elemental Bombs

Elemental Bombs are Porble battle items that does elemental damage based on bomb class. Some Elemental Bombs include:
  • Rage-In-A-Can - Instantly increase Momentum by 10 points. Made from pure caffeine (plus a hint of cocaine).
  • Wear Water Bomb - Deal 10 water damage to the enemy Porble. Basically a water balloon.
  • Weak Gaia Bomb - Deal 10 Gaia damage to the opposing Porble. Throw some mud in their eyes!
  • Weak Dark Bomb - Deal 10 dark damage to the opposing Porble. Spooky.
  • Weak Light Bomb - Deal 10 light damage to the opposing Porble. Like a flashlight in your eyes.

Special Skill Tomes

Special Skill Tomes are consumable items which contain a specific Special Skill to teach your Porble.

Item Prices

All purchasable items will increase exponentially in price as they are bought in a day. The price will then reset at 12am UTC time.